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Congratulations, you’re almost there! Bring a new pen and extra key ring, because it’s time for the final contract signing.


n most cases, your sale contract will entitle you to a walk-through of the property 24 hours before you’re set to close – to not only make sure the seller has properly vacated, but also to ensure the home is in the condition specified in the sale contract and any appliances or other items that were agreed to be left behind are still there as promised.

While it’s not common to have major issues, this allows you to push off the closing process if there’s a particular area of concern, or request the seller deposits money into an escrow account if repairs need to be made.


By the closing date, you’ve secured all the paperwork you’ll need: a contract, homeowner’s insurance, appraisal, inspection reports, Closing Disclosure, a Loan Estimate, and a proof of title search. It’s imperative to bring all of these to the meeting.

At the closing meeting, you’ll be signing some legal documents, which is also known as the settlement process. Usually, the closing takes place at an office, such as at the seller’s or buyer’s realtor’s office, or at the office of a real estate attorney.

You will be finalizing the agreement between you and your mortgage lender that stipulates the terms and conditions of your mortgage, as well as signing the legal agreement between you and the seller to officially transfer ownership of the property.

Your agent will be there to help you, but it’s important to make sure you read all the documents thoroughly before signing. If something doesn’t look right, make sure to ask.

Closing Costs

You’ll also be required to cover closing costs and any escrow items during the closing – either by writing a check, or in many cases, by rolling those fees into the balance of the loan.

After all the paperwork is exchanged, it’s filed with the local registry of deeds, and you’ll get the keys to your home.


Congratulations—uou’re a homeowner! Now the real fun begins. If this is your first home, extra congratulations. We hope you throw a monster housewarming party!


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The keys are almost yours!